A Team Passionate about Fine Jewellery

We revolutionise the fine jewellery industry with our JDC LAB online platform, instantly connecting jewellery sellers and buyers.


Our founder grew up in a family who operates a fine jewellery export business in Hong Kong since 1962. Because of this relationship, he is always asking by his friends to offer them custom-made jewellery at a good price.

Although the founder is not working directly in the industry, these experiences inspired him and led him to fully develop his thoughts of “why not develop an online platform to benefit all the sellers and buyers on the market? Maybe first locally, then globally. We have online platforms for vehicles and hotels; we can also have JDC LAB for fine jewellery.”

The team want to think of an effective way to connect fine jewellery buyers and sellers with ease. Traditional e-commerce platforms can do the job; however, that is not efficient enough. We need a different approach to unite the whole fine jewellery industry, and JDC LAB was born.


We solve the problem facing most jewellery sellers which is the difficulties in attracting customers coming from different culture, status, location and time.

We also solve the problem of buyers who have a small price and product knowledge and which is very time-consuming to compare different unique fine jewellery items in various shops before purchasing jewellery.

We want to intensify the turnover of the whole fine jewellery industry, firstly in Hong Kong, then in other countries.

how we work

We are a Web-and-App based platform for the Fine Jewellery Industry. We connect buyers and sellers through the below three core systems:

On-Demand System

Allow buyers to express their demand for specific fine jewellery products, and notify sellers instantly.

Multi-vendor Marketplace

Enables jewellery sellers to cost-effectively build an online shop showcasing their products, empowering sellers to sell already made, custom-made and auction-able jewellery.

Jewellery Customizer

It is an online collaborative whiteboard which allows both buyers and sellers to draw jewellery toegther and share design ideas instantly.

join us

We are striving to achieve success firstly in Hong Kong, then JDC LAB will branch out to effectuate cross-border trade with different countries. Our ultimate goals are for buyers and seller around the world to be able to buy and sell custom-made / finished fine jewellery products globally with ease.

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